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California Department of Public Health (CDPH)
State agency charged with optimizing the health and well-being of the people in California. Drinking Water Program regulates public drinking water systems. The CDPH website provides information on water quality standards and consumer confidence reports.
CDPH Website - Public Drinking Water Systems
California Department of Water Resources (DWR)
Manages California water resources to benefit the State's people, and to protect, restore, and enhance the natural and human environments. Responsibilities include preparing and updating the California Water Plan, planning and maintaining the State Water Resources Development System (including the State Water Project), protecting and restoring the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, regulating dams, educating the public, and providing support to local water purveyors.
DWR Website
California Environmental Protection Agency (Cal/EPA)
Charged with developing, implementing and enforcing the state's environmental protection laws that ensure clean air, clean water, clean soil, safe pesticides and waste recycling and reduction.
Cal/EPA Website
California State Water Resources Control Board
The five-member appointed State Board has the joint authority of statewide water allocation and water quality protection. Protects water quality by setting statewide policy, coordinating and supporting the Regional Water Board efforts, and reviewing petitions that contest Regional Board actions. The State Board is also solely responsible for allocating surface water rights in the State of California.
State Board Website
Santa Ana Regional Water Quality Control Board
The mission of the Santa Ana Regional Board is to develop and enforce water quality objectives and implementation plans that will best protect the beneficial uses of the Santa Ana Region's waters. Regional Boards develop "basin plans" for their hydrologic areas, govern requirements/issue waste discharge permits, take enforcement action against violators, and monitor water quality.
Santa Ana Regional Board Website
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA)
The mission of USEPA is to protect human health and the environment. The goal of the USEPA Office of Water is to protect and restore our waters to ensure that drinking water is safe, and that aquatic ecosystems sustain fish, plants, and wildlife, and economic, recreational, and subsistence activities.
USEPA Website (Office of Water)