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Water Discharge Activities

Current Major Discharge Activities

  • Flushing activities will take place intermittently during the month of July in the District's service area. The water flushed from these activities will be captured at various settling basins and will percolate back into the water table.



Occasionally the District is required to release water onto surface streets from a groundwater well or through fire hydrants.

This water is not being wasted! These activities are required and ensure the District provides our customers with the highest quality water.

The District monitors the amount of water used in these activities. Whenever possible, the water is directed into storm drains and captured in catch basins which return the water to the groundwater aquifer for future use.

Groundwater Well Discharges

At times, the District is required to discharge a large amount of water from a groundwater well onto surface streets for water quality purposes. Such discharges may occur at varying times and for extended periods.

All efforts are made to minimize any impact to residents and businesses. Posted signs (pictured here) inform the public about this activity, and local public works, public safety and fire officials are notified.


Flushing a hydrant

Distribution System Flushing

The District periodically "flushes" fire hydrants as part of a required maintenance program to maintain high quality water service. The process involves flushing the hydrant or water line for approximately 10-15 minutes. The District makes every effort to manage this process in an efficient manner and to minimize impact on local residents and businesses.


Valve Maintenance Program

Valve Exercising Program

As part of the District's preventative maintenance program, field maintenance personnel conduct a Valve Exercising Program that, at times, involves flushing fire hydrants or water lines. Routinely operating system control valves ensures valves operate correctly and without obstruction when area control or isolation is necessary during maintenance or emergency situations.

The District appreciates the public's patience and understanding during these necessary maintenance activities. If you have any questions or concerns about these water releases, please call the District at (909) 624-0035.