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Monte Vista Water District offers commercial, industrial, and institutional rebates for water efficient toilets and urinals, irrigation controllers and nozzles, and other water-saving devices.

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An aquifer storage and recovery wellAn aquifer storage and recovery well can both pump and inject water to help manage groundwater basin.

Recycled Water


A safe, reliable and cost-effective approach to managing water resources

The recent drought conditions and reductions in water supply from northern California, along with continued growth in the Inland Empire, have resulted in local water agencies to look to new ways to stretch their water supply portfolios.

One of the strategies at the top of the list of water resources management is the use of recycled water. Having recycled water available for irrigation of large landscapes and for industrial and other approved uses can result in conservation of precious drinking water supplies which are becoming a limited, finite resource.


Monte Vista Water District Recycled Water System

Monte Vista Water District has diversified its water supply portfolio by building a non-potable recycled water distribution system. This supply source is being used to irrigate large landscapes in certain parts of the city of Montclair and offsets the need to use precious drinking water supplies for landscape irrigation.

Construction began in the spring of 2008 to extend a recycled water pipeline, originating from wastewater treatment plants in the Ontario/Rancho Cucamonga area and entering Montclair at San Bernardino Street at Benson Avenue. The pipeline travels south on Vernon Avenue to Orchard Avenue, westbound, ending at the San Antonio Channel. Multiple service laterals extend off this main pipeline to serve a variety of large-landscape customers.

The recycled water system could not have been completed without the financial assistance and cooperation of a number of local agencies:

  • Montclair, Ontario-Montclair School District, and Chaffey Joint Union High School District worked closely with the District to make this local resource available to their parks and schools;
  • Chino Basin Water Conservation District and Metropolitan Water District of Southern California provided funding for the retrofit of irrigation systems to use recycled water; and,
  • Inland Empire Utilities Agency provides the recycled water and construction management services.

Over 75 million gallons of water per year is being used by the District's current recycled water customers.

Current Sites in Montclair Using Recycled Water


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  1. Montclair High School
  2. Kingsley Elementary School
  3. Vernon Middle School
  4. Buena Vista Elementary School
  5. Lehigh Elementary School
  6. Monte Vista Elementary School
  1. Saratoga Park
  2. Sunrise Park
  3. Kingsley Park
  4. Sunset Park
  5. Golden Girls Park
  6. Wilderness Park
  7. Alma Hofman Park
  1. Chino Basin Water Conservation District
  2. Our Lady of Lourdes Church
  3. Montclair Towncenter Homeowners Association
  4. Montclair Hospital Medical Center
  5. Montclair City Hall

Recycled Water System Phase II is in the planning stages that will add lateral pipelines to serve additional customers with large irrigated landscapes (more schools, HOAs, businesses, etc.)

Is Recycled Water Safe to Use?

Recycled water is regulated by the California Department of Public Health and the State Water Resources Control Board, California Regional Water Quality Control Boards, and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. These regulatory agencies have approved the use of recycled water for:

  • Landscape irrigation (golf courses, school yards, parks, homeowners' associations)
  • Agricultural irrigation
  • Construction
  • Industrial uses (cooling and other uses)
  • Recreational lakes

Recycled water is appropriate for all human contact, except for drinking.