Did You Know?

During the past 12 years, the District has constructed seven groundwater production wells and a nitrate blending station.

Your Water District

Wellhead treatment to remove nitratesWellhead treatment of groundwater well to remove nitrates

Your Water

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At Monte Vista Water District, our highest priority is to provide the highest quality supply of drinking water that meets all federal and state drinking water standards.

Where Your Water Comes From

Monte Vista Water District obtains its water supply from three primary sources: groundwater, imported surface water, and recycled water.

Water Quality

In delivering service to our customers, protection of public health is our highest priority.

Water Distribution System

The District maintains 198 miles of distribution pipelines that deliver water to 4 pressure zones.

Aquifer Storage & Recovery Program

Four of the District's groundwater wells have the capability of injecting water into the Chino Basin aquifer as well as pump water from it.

Chino Hills Wholesale Water Supply

In 1998, Monte Vista Water District executed a long-term agreement with the city of Chino Hills to provide up to 20.22 million gallons of water per day.