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Drought-Tolerant Demonstration Garden


Chino Basin Water Conservation District's
Demonstration Garden

Chino Basin Water Conservation District
Montclair, CA


To expand on its water conservation and education mission, the Chino Basin Water Conservation District, located in Montclair, CA, created the Ernest Rowley Demonstration Garden in 1991. The garden provides numerous examples of plants and design approaches for a variety of garden styles.

Visitors to the garden will view six styles of gardens:

Southwestern - features plants common to desert areas of California, Arizona and New Mexico. Palms, Mexican Palo Verde, desert succulents and cacti

Woodland Garden - scattered deciduous trees, shrubs and plants of Southern California

Chapparral/California Native Garden - colorful, flowering shrubs native to the Southern California valleys and foothills with contrasts of year-round foliage

Redwood Forest - a dramatic Northern California look

Riparian Garden - riparian gardens focus around the presence of water. They use plants which have adapted to the seasonal presence of water and often festure ponds, pools, or fountains.

Ornamental Garden - the traditional landscape with a combination of plants from a variety of habitats arranged to create a original garden composition. Plants in this section were chosen for water efficiency as well a beauty, design suitability and availability.


Monkey Flower



Visiting the Ernest Rowley Demonstration Garden:
  • Wander through the garden on the designated footpaths, taking in the beauty and variety of the landscape
  • Stop to examine the plants that might be appropriate for your landscape. Write down the names and make notes.
  • Think about your own landscape and let your imagination wander through the possibilities.
  • Make a sketch of garden features you like. Make more sketches.
  • Breathe the fragrant air and become inspired.
Other programs of the Chino Basin Water Conservation District
  • Water-wise Gardening Classes (residential and professional)
  • Landscape and Water Conservation Fair
  • Dog Day in the Park
  • Art Poster Contest
  • Landscape Evaluations
  • Wilderness Park


Poppy Lupin



Other Local Demonstration Gardens

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