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Adjust sprinklers to avoid unnecessary overspray. You'll save 500 gallons per month!

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Why Conserve Now?


The Sacramento-San Joaquin Bay Delta
(Photo Credit: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service)

Delta in Crisis

The Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta, a large maze of levees, islands and farmland, is the hub of the State Water Project, which distributes the normally plentiful Northern California snowmelt to other areas of the state, including Southern California, through the California Aqueduct.

In recent years, the Delta has been experiencing distress due to drought, crumbling levees, increasing ocean salinity, and crashing of certain fish populations.


The California Aqueduct
(Photo Credit: CA Department of Water Resources)

What Does This Mean?

Monte Vista Water District depends on the State Water Project for a portion of its water supply. Deliveries from the Delta are currently being cut back due to drought, legal issues involving the Endangered Species Act, and the fragile condition of the Delta. In addition, climate change, a growing population, aging infrastructure and water quality issues will eventually add additional stress onto state, regional, and local water systems.


Construction begins on a new District groundwater well

What is Monte Vista Water District Doing?

Over the past 15 years, Monte Vista Water District has installed eight new groundwater wells to increase our reliance on local groundwater. Several of the new wells are capable of injecting highly treated water into the ground for storage, creating our own underground reservoir to use during dry periods like this one.

The District is also making recycled water available for use on certain large landscapes in our service area. By using this local, drought-proof water supply for non-potable uses, we will have more potable drinking water available for our customers.

Finally, the District has invested in local supplies by purchasing shares in the San Antonio Water Company, further reducing our reliance on imported water.


What Can YOU Do?

Monte Vista Water District's "Watch the Water" campaign encourages customers to voluntarily increase their water use efficiency, while following the required "Best Practices" for wise water usage.

Check out our Water Saving Tips for techniques to save water both indoors and outdoors, recommended watering schedules for outdoor landscaping, rebate programs for water-saving devices, upcoming water wise gardening classes and events, and helpful online resources.

Monte Vista Water District believes that we can Watch the Water together to ensure a plentiful supply of water now and in the future!