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Monte Vista Water District's groundwater wells produced over 4.0 billion gallons of water in 2014.

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Budget-Based Tiered Rates 101 - For Residential Customers




Question: What are "Budget-Based Tiered Rates"?

Answer: Budget-based tiered rates reward customers for using water efficiently.

The District uses publicly available data to estimate your indoor and outdoor water needs - your water "budget" - and charges lower rates for this amount of water usage.


Question: How does the District know how much water I use inside or outside my home?

Answer: We don't!

We estimate your water needs, and then charge lower rates for the water you use to meet your needs based on these estimates. Our estimates are based on State of California standards for efficient residential indoor and outdoor water use. Here's how we calculate your efficient indoor and outdoor water needs:


Residential Tier 1 - Indoor Needs
4 people per household
Basis: U.S. Census Data
55 gallons per person per day
Basis: State of California Efficiency Standard for Indoor Use
Calculates to 18 units per billing period
billing unit = 100 cubic feet = 748 gallons


Residential Tier 2 - Outdoor Needs
Irrigated Landscape Area (see below)
Basis: County of San Bernardino Assessor's Parcel Data
38 inches of water per square foot annually
Basis: State of California Efficiency Standard for Outdoor Use (80% local reference evapotranspiration rate)
Seasonally Adjusted (Summer more, Winter less)
Basis: State Data, Historical Usage Patterns


Question: How does the District calculate my irrigated landscape area?

Answer: Lot Size - Original Structure - Additional Hardscape (25% remaining area)

The District estimates irrigated landscaped area by using information from the San Bernardino County Assessor's Office. We take your lot size, then subtract the square footage of the original dwelling structure built on the property, and then subtract 25% of the remaining area for additional hardscape (additions, garages, driveways, sidewalks, etc.). The result of that calculation is your estimated irrigated landscape.


Question: How does the District calculate Tiers 3 and 4?

Answer: Tiers 3 and 4 represent inefficient and excessive usage above your water budget.

Tier 3, or usage above Tier 2, is calculated by adding half of Tiers 1 and 2 together. Tier 4 is any usage above Tier 3.


Question: I think the District's estimates are off for my home. Can I adjust my budget?

Answer: Yes! Submit an Application for Water Budget Variance.

District staff will work with you to make sure our estimates of your indoor and outdoor water needs are accurate and fair. Call (909) 624-0035 for assistance.