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Monte Vista Water District owns 19.4 million gallons per day of capacity in the Water Facilities Authority treatment plant, located in the City of Upland.

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Capital Improvement Projects


Reservoir 18-1 Exterior Coating

In 2008, Monte Vista Water District began implementation of a comprehensive plan that was developed to update water production, storage and distribution infrastructure. With some of the District's facilities more than 70 years old, there is a great need for rehabilitation or replacement.

The Facilities Master Plan outlines various capital improvement projects to be completed over a 30-year time frame at a cost of approximately $100 million. A comprehensive financial master plan has been developed to provide funding mechanisms for on-going implementation of the plan and to define on-going service rates.

The improvements to the water production and water distribution systems are resulting in:

  • Increased efficiency of operations
  • Reduction of long term costs
  • Improvement of water quality and water reliability
  • Ability to meet regulatory requirements

The projects identified include:

  • Pipeline relining or replacement
  • Seismic improvements
  • Booster pump rehabilitation or replacement
  • Reservoir rehabilitation or replacement
  • Water quality improvements
  • Well rehabilitation and replacement
  • Water supply enhancement and development

Central Avenue (Part A) Pipeline Project

Completed Projects

  • Well 4 - Aquifer Storage & Recovery (ASR) Modification
  • Well 31 Construction
  • ASR Well 32 Construction
  • ASR Well 33 Construction with Ion Exchange Treatment (joint project with City of Chino)
  • Well 20 Abandonment
  • Upland Interconnection
  • Well 34 Construction
  • Hydroelectric Turbine 3 Rebuild
  • Facility Landscape Improvements
  • Reservoir 18-1 Exterior Coating
  • Main Office Elevator Addition
  • Harvard Princeton Pipeline Project
  • Well 28 Efficiency Enhancement
  • Clair Street Pipeline Project
  • Orchard Street Pipeline Project - Phase 1 Ramona Ave
  • Orchard/Rosewood Pipeline Project
  • Well 1 Abandonment
  • Central Avenue (Part A) Pipeline Project


Central Avenue (Part B) Pipeline Project

Current Projects

  • Main Office Site Renovation
  • Central Avenue (Part B) Pipeline Project

Upcoming Projects