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Monte Vista Water District offers commercial, industrial, and institutional rebates for water efficient toilets and urinals, irrigation controllers and nozzles, and other water-saving devices.

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Core Values

  • Integrity: We value providing our services in an honest, candid, ethical, responsible and respectful manner.
  • Fiscal Responsibility: We value being accountable and transparent in carrying out all District operations, particularly in financial management.
  • People - our employees: We value supporting a diverse and talented team of workers who demonstrate loyalty and dedication to service.
  • Excellence in quality and customer service: We value working as a team to provide the highest quality service to our customers, demonstrating courtesy, respect, efficiency and diligence.
  • Public trust: We value maintaining and enhancing the trust and confidence that our customers and the public expect and require of us.

Nine Critical Behaviors to Ensure High Quality Customer Service

As part of the development of the strategic goal initiatives, the customer service department created "Nine Critical Behaviors to Ensure High Quality Customer Service." The Strategic Planning Team believes that these behaviors1 should be embraced by all employees and are, therefore, included in this strategic planning document .

  1. Appreciation: Customers like to feel valued and have courteous interaction.
  2. Accessibility: Customers like easily accessible services.
  3. Reliability: It is important to have 100 percent delivery on promises and keep the customer informed.
  4. Speed: It is important that we value our customers' time and serve them accordingly.
  5. Confidence: Be positive - Keep our thinking as "can do" not "can not do."
  6. Empathy: Look at the situation from the customer's point of view.
  7. Flexibility: Understand that we have a framework and structure to work within 95 percent of the time. For the remaining 5 percent, the rules do not apply because common sense tells you so.
  8. Helpfulness: Give help that is above and beyond anything the customer expects and offer it before the customer has asked or in circumstances where the customer did not even think help was possible.
  9. Knowledge: Provide training and accessibility to information about the District (current events, policy and procedures, water industry-related information).

1 Adapted from "Differentiating your business through high quality customer service." by Terry Forsey. www.forsey.info