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Monte Vista Water District is implementing a 30-year, $100 million capital improvement plan to upgrade its water production and distribution systems.

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District Rescinds Water Shortage Declaration, Maintains Water Use Requirements (Jun 30, 2016)


MVWD Customers: THANK YOU for helping us reach our state-mandated water use reduction goal!

The state is still under a drought emergency, but the State Water Resources Control Board has changed its conservation requirements due to improved conditions. Water agencies may now set their own conservation standard based on water supply availability. MVWD has sufficient water supplies to meet demands even under continued drought conditions, so on June 22 the Board of Directors lifted its shortage declaration.

Please note: MVWD customers are still required to use water efficiently and NOT waste water!

The following year-round water use efficiency "best practices" are still in place and will be enforced

  • Set automatic irrigation timers to water between the hours of 8 p.m. and 8 a.m.
    • Exceptions: Hand-watering, drip irrigation, "smart" (e.g., weather-based) irrigation controllers
  • Adjust watering and fix broken heads to avoid excessive runoff from irrigation
  • Turn off irrigation during rain
  • Repair leaks within seven (7) days of discovery
  • Use a hose with a shut-off nozzle to wash vehicles, or use automatic commercial wash
  • No hosing down of paved surfaces, except when required for health or safety purposes
  • Restaurants serve water only upon request
  • Hotels offer guests the option to not launder linen daily

Please continue to follow these common sense measures and use water as efficiently as possible.

Click here to report water waste.

Click here to learn about water-saving programs and rebates.

Click here to read District Resolution 704-16: Rescinding Declaration of a Significant Water Supply Shortage

Refer to the Waterline newsletter in your July/August bills for more information about the ongoing drought and ways you can continue to make the change toward a water-efficient lifestyle.